We would love to have you visit us in person as you have opportunity, visitors are welcome at all of activities. We are a loving congregation who seeks to serve God daily and to encourage one another in our walk with Christ. If have never attended a church of Christ before, you may want to click here so that you know what to expect when you visit us on a Sunday.

Personal Bible Studies

If you want to study the Bible to learn more about being a Christian, to have questions answered, or just to familiarize yourself with the Bible; our minister, Hunter Hackworth is available to study with you. These Bible studies can be conducted in the comfort of your home, at the church building, or at any place where you feel comfortable and can achieve the best Bible study. To setup a Bible study call Hunter at 614-875-4395 or email him at preacher@swchurch.com.

Becoming a Christian

If you are not a Christian and just starting your spiritual journey click here to learn about the process of becoming a Christian and guaranteeing that you have a home waiting for you in heaven.

Becoming Part of the Family

After visiting us in person you may decide you want to be “part of the family.” Other congregations may call it “being identified with” or “placing membership.” While not a requirement to attend services or activities it is an expedient way for you as a Christian to acknowledge you want to be involved at  Southwestern, you want to put yourself under the oversight of the elders, and you want to make it your home congregation. Having done so we as a congregation can start calling on you to help with the work of the church in the areas you are comfortable serving in. To become part of the family just let one of our elders (Ron, Bill, or Greg) or our minister (Hunter). After you have expressed interest you will have a meeting with the elders during which they will ask you some questions so they can get to know you better and help identify any areas you may like to serve in. Some of the questions they will ask include: employment, family background, story of how you became a Christian, talents, interests etc. All these questions are a way to get to know you better so that as your elders they can best serve you and your family. After that we will add your family information to our directory and records, then we will make an announcement to the congregation the following Sunday.