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Jim Waldron – India Missions

Born in Nashville, TN in 1935. Jim Waldron graduated from Bellevue High School in Davidson County in 1955. After attending David Lipscomb and Lincoln Memorial Universities he attained a degree in History in 1961 followed by a Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee in Agricultural Extension in 1971.

Jim along with the help of many other preaching brethren has been instrumental in setting up regular Bible training schools in several countries including Pakistan (’68), Hong Kong (‘80), India (’89), Ukraine (’92), and Nepal (’99). Since 1986 he has traveled to Asia for 6—8 months a year to hold schools for faithful Christians to train them to reach their own with the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom. The rest of the time he spends in the states reporting to congregations who assist in the work. Presently, by God’s grace and with the kind help of many churches and individuals, he works with 40 schools of preaching in India, along with 2 special schools known as the Coimbatore Bible Institute for Women and the Pudukottai Home and Bible Institute for the Blind and the Deaf.