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  • Yesterday we announced that in January of 2015 we are launching a new component of our education ministry We are very excited for this opportunity to study the Bible deeper.

    It will be a weekly email with a 15 minute Bible study. There will also be options available to extend your Bible study to last the whole week.

    When you go to the website there will be an enrollment form that you need to fill out. We will not be adding anyone to this list without their permission. So please make sure you take the time to signup.

    A Weekly Email Bible Study

  • For those who missed it Mike Weier gave a wonderful lesson last night at our evening service. But don’t worry if you missed it because we did record it! So feel free to go and listen now or download it and listen later.

    Right Click and Save Link (Save Target) as to Download

  • Tonight, November 29th 4-8 pm at the Southwestern Church of Christ we are hosting a parents night out! The kids will have a pizza dinner and a movie plus a Christmas ornament craft. Bring your favorite ice cream topping for the dessert buffet! See you there!

  • As everyone gets ready for Thanksgiving make sure to mark Saturday November 29th on your calendar. We will be having a Parent’s Night Out from 4pm-8pm. Dinner will be provided. There will be games, activities, and a movie. Attendees are ask to bring their favorite ice cream topping, we will be making an ice cream bar!

  • Yesterday was a wonderful Lord’s Day! The Angels rejoiced in heaven, Lisa Sanders obey the Gospel and became a Christian. It was a wonderful thing to see and be apart of. (If you want to read more about obeying the Gospel and becoming a Christian here is a link for you to follow”>

Upcoming Events

  • 21Dec

    Bible Study3767 Grove City Rd. Grove City, OH 4312309:30 AM

  • 21Dec

    Worship3767 Grove City Rd. Grove City, OH 4312310:30 AM

  • 23Dec

    Golden Agers3767 Grove City Rd. Grove City, OH 4312310:30 AM